Circle E Candles & Accessories


We have the largest selection of Circle E Candles in Corpus Christi.  Air & Filters carries ALL Circle E Candle scents and a large selection of sizes. We even carry wick dippers, wick trimmers, and candle lighters.

12oz & 28oz Jars

1/2 Gallon Cookie Jars
& Mini Cookie Jars

Warmers & Tarts
For Flameless Burning

Car Fresheners & Discovery Candles

Bronze Candle Holders


Candle Scents

Almond Crème Cake Ambrosia Apple Strudel Baby Powder Bed of Roses
Bird of Paradise Butterfly Kisses Buttery French Vanilla Cappuccino Delight Caribbean Breeze
Cherry Vanilla Cotton Candy Country Morning Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla Crème Brulée
Enchanted Forrest Evening Passion Fire on the Mountain Eternity Eucalyptus
Fresh Cake Gardenia Gourmet Sugar Cookie Grapefruit Hawaiian Pineapple
Hill Country Bluebonnets Home Honeysuckle Japanese Cherry Blossom Kiwi Strawberry
Lavender Fields Leather Lime Margarita Magnolia Blossom Mulberry
Orange Patchouli Orange Vanilla Peace Peach Harvest Plumeria
Pomegranate Sage & Verbena Sandlewood & Spice Santa Fe Sierra Wind
Slice of Life Starfruit Sweet Pea Tropical Paradise Vanilla
Wassail White Jasmine Why Not Bergamot? Wild Hosta & Mint Wild Muscadine
Holiday Scents:
Gingerbread Holiday Cheer Peppermint Silver Bells  

Tip: Wicks that are not cut to proper length can cause soot buildup in the jar and its surroundings.

Candle Accessories

Wick Trimmers
Stainless Steel candle wick trimmer quickly and precisely trims your candle wicks to the proper 1/4" every time. Enjoy the ambiance of cleaner, safer burning candles. Unique debris tray catches wick trimming, sharp blades cut precisely through any wick, design fits easily into any candle.

Wick Dippers
Extinguish your candle's flame without creating excess smoke or soot that can lead up to buildup on candle jars and surroundings. Exhaust your candle by pushing the burning wick into the melted wax then stand back up again for relighting.

Candle Holders

We have a variety of candle holders in different styles.